Huygenskwartier Voorburg


June 23 unveiled the logo for the Huygens Quarter Voorburg. Huygens Quarter Voorburg is the new name for the area around the historical center of Voorburg where Constantijn and Christiaan Huygens lived.
The logo for Huygens Quarter is designed by same-d to preserve the distinctive kick Geveltje that logo / corporate identity Center Historic Voorburg takes the basic form.
That logo has been around for 3 years and since then enjoys great recognition.
The stylized staircase Geveltje the imagination of old Dutch and cultural history. This puts the kick Geveltje also symbolize Huygens Hofwijck and the Huygens quarter.
Because the stairs Geveltje especially the historical character and cultural history represents this part of Voorburg, have been added in the new logo three other Unique Selling Points.
USP's unique shopping, nature and water (Vliet) are designed in the same language.


The new logo was designed in three forms; a square, landscape and portrait version. As a result, there has always been to make a choice for the most optimal application.
The logo consists of a visual language with icons that we already know from the entrepreneurial fund's website. Since each group of companies or industry has its own icon.
The visual language of icons is very recognizable and lingers in the memory. For foreigners who do not speak the Dutch language, the imagery is understandable.
The Huygens Quarter is just a location that is interesting for foreigners. Our heritage is famous throughout the world and that you should exploit.
That is one of the priorities of the municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg.
Businessmen, people, museums, Voorburg Beautiful Foundation and the municipality jointly invest in the Huygens Quarter Voorburg: where history, culture, nature, various catering services and authentic converge shopping.

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